The Director of Public Health is a statutory position within upper tier local authorities. As part of their duties, Directors of Public Health are expected to produce an independent assessment of the health of the communities they serve; these assessments are undertaken annually and are known as the Director of Public Health Annual report.

There are two Directors of Public Health covering the South Devon and Torbay area, covering the populations of Devon and Torbay. Copies of their respective annual reports can be found below.

Torbay Director for Public Health Annual Reports

The Director for Public Health annual report provides an independent assessment of the health and wellbeing of the Torbay population.


Public Health Annual Report 2016

  • Breaking the cycle - Improving outcomes for people who live challenging lives (linked to multi-media clips).

Public Health Annual Report 2015

  • Working together to address deprivation (interactive graphic).

Public Health Annual Report 2014

  • Turning the tide together.

Public Health Annual Report 2013

  • The science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health.

Public Health Annual Report 2012

  • Love Life, Be Happy, Stay Healthy.

Public Health Annual Report 2011

  • New visions keeps focus on better Health for poorest.

Public Health Annual Report 2010

  • Benefits of investing in key areas.

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